Friday, February 12, 2010

Ms. Brit blows back into Cali

Per usual, my plans for last night far exceeded the actual results. While gourmet cooking, laundry, and taxes were replaced with pizza, television, and sleeping; I did manage to accomplish some of the original evening's intentions.
Ryzies & I fell asleep quite early the night before, so after work yesterday we rushed home to finish my vocal recordings. [If you are reading this and didn't know me by chance, you may be thinking to yourself "is she a singer?" to which all those reading that do know me will respond with a collective "hell no."] What I lack in singing abilities, I attempted to make up for in whorish phrases and sounds last night.
Backstory: One of our friends created an Ipod App (coming soon: more details on later) in which a woman's voice is required.
The reviews were quite positive. I am still experiencing mixed emotions between the positivity of the ego-boost coupled with the whack-factor of having your boyfriend's friends now know 1. your sexy noises and 2. reviewing them. But, I'm a LEO lady at heart and attention is my thing, so I have just now fully decided that it actually is pretty awesome.
With recording now completed, I was able to devote full attention to the long-awaited return of my soul LEO lady lover.
Backstory: Brit left me to my own devises over a year ago to pursue hopes, dreams, and a career in Chicago. Turns out she cannot live without me and has now returned. Her boyfriend perhaps thinks it is because of him, but we all know the truth.
She brought my third favorite dog in the world Nala to help fill my dog withdrawals as ours are vacationing up in Santa Barbara with skunks and whatnot. Though Nala and I had no time whatsoever to catch up on our tabloids, we did have a blastzies.

Aside from Brit & I catching up on the latest and greatest in our lives, it was a rather uneventful evening in which the duo called it an early night for once. We both get rather sleepy when the vino is absent.

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