Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Letter of the Day is P

Well really it should be the letter of the week.

Why Grover, you look quite

roductivity was surely the theme of last weekend, it was one of those times where you look back more in confusion rather then awe of that which you've accomplished. The confusion stemmed from the fact that both Ryan & I did all of the things that we have been putting off for at least 6-8 months, and I don't think either of us function normally when we don't have at least a few things we are procrastinating. Luckily for us, a whole new slew of "to do's" have been added in just the last few days, so we'll be busy not doing any of it for a while.
Our next word was inspired by my coworker, who so appropriately categorized me as having a Pioneering approach to cooking. This of course was a response to my disastrous cooking tale of the night before. I tried making a [hopefully] original breakfast creation. Forgetting that my muffin tin had suffered its demise, prognosis: "death by cornbread", I thought I was fully prepared to revolutionize the way in which we all view breakfast. Upon the realization that my muffin tin was now a rain receptacle on our porch, I decided that this creation would be made anyway, and my muffin cups would suffice.
Sidebar: Please reread the last 2 sentences, but each time you see "muffin ______", say it in your head like it means something else.

...... it cracked me up.

Without going into too much detail as I do plan on recreating this recipe properly and making it functional, hence the pioneering spirit, the muffin cups did not provide adequate support and I ended up making a pan of baked egg substitute. During the cooking adventure gone awry, my newly re-found camera started displaying error messages and intermittently shutting off. Upon reflection, I realize that this was my camera's way of saying, "Trust me, you do not want a picture of that".
And finally our last word is Patience, because that it what I have been trying to practice all week. On Friday I will be joining a large combination of many of my favorite people to relax in Santa Barbara at what I will now refer to as Our February Vacation House (my parent's house while they are out of town). A weekend of wine + friends + poker - dog walking = A Very Happy Evan. The reunion of the terrible tripod will final take place, in which Ms. Brit, Angelina Ballerina, and Myself finally will be in the same place, at the same time, for the same purpose. I cannot wait, and I am so happy to hear that my lady-zies are just as excited as I am for this wonderful weekend. In addition, all of our boyfriends will, for the first time, be together with the tripod together, and I truly do not think they know what they are in store for.

So here's a little taste.

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  1. bahahaha!!! I don't even know what to respond to first! I love that I now have a quote of the day section. That makes my heart VERY happy, especially since I can't be in any of the real-life stories. I'm so jealous that the tripod + boyfriends will be running amuck and I will not be able to see or laugh at any of it in person! Just means I'll need a play-by-play phone date... or maybe I'll just read your blog ;) looovezies!




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